Hi there,

I’m Dan Culberson. My company is called Snackable.

I’ve been a web developer, strategist, digital marketer, videographer, editor, writer, voice-over artist, director, copywriter, journalist, and photographer.

Now? I’m a 1 man agency and a creative gun for hire.

What can I do to help your company or organization grow?

Let’s talk: dan.culberson@gmail.com

Here are some things I do:


I make professional headshots and portraits. I cover events and craft product and commercial images as well.

Portfolio >>


Whether you need a customer testimonial, a tutorial, or an explainer, I can help you create video for the web, social media, and presentations.


I build beautiful, responsive WordPress websites for companies, organizations, and agencies.

Social Media

I help organizations craft social media strategy that makes a difference to the bottom line, and I create highly snackable content for social media audiences.


Web copy, ad copy, video scripts, stage scripts, speeches, and presentations. I’ve written them all, and I can help you hone your message until it’s just right.

Research & Analytics

Want to know how people find and use your website? Is your digital marketing effective? What are people saying about you and your competitors online? I can help.

Some recent projects I’ve had a part in:

Area 506

area506.ca screenshot
Wordpress development

Bonnett House

Bonnett House
Video production

Foghorn Brewery

Foghorn Brewery
Wordpress development

CBC Story


East Coast Games

East Coast Games Website
Wordpress development

Resonance Advisors

Resonance Advisors

Recipe for a sardine snack:


1 can of sardines
Some crackers


Open the can of sardines.
Use a fork to flake some of the sardines onto a cracker.

Let’s get started:

Email: dan.culberson@gmail.com

Phone: (506) 643-8594

Old fashioned:
1 1/2 oz bourbon or rye whiskey
2 dashes of bitters
1 sugar cube, few dashes plain water

Mailing address:
126 Connors Street
Saint John, NB E2M 3R9

Contact Dan: